Instructions for play

Golf around Estonia consists 18 separate courses located in differing counties around the country.

The PAR, spanning across all individual courses, amounts to 73.

The order of play between individual courses is up to the player.

At large courses, women and children play from red and men from yellow tees. Youths between ages of 12-18 will pick a starting tee according to their HCP. Courses with only one par will not have separate tees.

In order to participate, you must fill out the registration form

The registration and play fee is 50 euros for adults, 25 euros for youths in between the ages of 12-18, and free for children under 12. The fee must be paid via bank transfer to MTÜ Gold Ümber Eesti to account number EE567700771006199008. Successful transfer of fees will be considered as registration to play.

For individual courses around the country, separate entry fees pertaining to local rules and regulations must be submitted, of which the local golf club will be in charge of.

The official score card for golf around Estonia can be obtained from any of the official courses listed on this website.

The score cards will be used to mark play times and number of shots taken. The results will be verified with an official stamp, provided by the officials at each individual golf course.

After all courses listed are completed, a picture of the scorecard should be sent to Gold Around Estonia’s email, after which all players who completed the course shall receive an original certificate of completion and a medallion, which can be used as a ball marker on greens.