Golf Around Estonia

Golf Around Estonia is the brainchild of Rein Auväärt, long-time pro golf instructor and enthusiast, who was the first Estonian to complete the longest golf course in the word-Nullarbor Links- in 2014.

PGA Pro AA Rein Auväärt

Inspired by the experience of traversing more than 70 courses spanning 1365 kilometres, he began to seek out collaborators, with the ultimate goal of creating a similar journey incorporating all major golf courses in Estonia. Existing venues would be further augmented by new links.

Further, given the differing golfing traditions and heritage in Estonia and Australia– the home of Nullarbor links– respectively, the project both seeks to emulate the diversified experience of Nullarbor as well as introduce new concepts– rough terrains, tricky sandpits, and winding routes to par– to Estonian golfing culture Générale.

After a dedicated period of preparation, the newly-assembled team behind Golf Around Estonia finally made things official by founding an eponymous non-profit in 2021. The founders are PGA PRO Rein Auväärt, golf coach Vallo Välb, EGCC chair Hanno Kross, a provider of golfing opportunities at Ojasaare Jaan Lipsimäe and Kairi-Annely Auväärt.

In addition to all major golf clubs, Sõtkasaare, Linnumäe, Plaani, and Haanjamehe farm have all joined in with single courses.

We sincerely hope that this project will inspire the daring and spirit needed to further enrich Estonian golf. If it leads to the creation of countless new scenic courses– all the better!